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Curbit concrete landscaping borders
Curbit concrete curbing and borders for landscape

The Installation of your concrete curbing is a 1-2-3 process.

Step 1.:  The installation process of curbing is most often a one-day process, usually depending on size of the project.  Upon completing an estimate of the linear footage of the job we design the layout for the worksite with spray paint.  The Curbit East crew will remove any existing edging, and using a bed edger an 8" wide trench is then made that is approximately 1-4 inches deep (depending on your specifications) where the new concrete curbing will be placed.

Step 2.:  The concrete used for each job is prepared on the premises with a mixture of sand, portland, fiber mesh, color (your choice) and water.  As the curbing border is being extruded through the machine the concrete mixture is forced through the mold, pushing the machine backwards following the prepared trench.  A smooth finish with a trowel and an expansion joint is placed every 1.5' - 2' to eliminate cracking between the joints. This joint will allow the concrete to "breathe" between the extreme seasonal weather conditions experienced in the Midwest. 

If your project requires a pattern embossed or "stamped" into the concrete, the Curbit East crew will apply the pattern from our offering of several attractive choices to compliment your property.

Step 3.:  Curb Sealant will be applied upon the completion of colored curbing and contains a UV protectant against water damage.


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